BitSwarm is IT as a Service

A perfect solution for your IT, BitSwarm encompasses cloud infrastructure as a Service with advanced IT services offered by skilled professionals. It is a comprehensive option to reliably outsource your IT to an extent that most suites you. Read more Read more


No up-front expenses icon

No up-front expenses

Capital expenditures for IT infrastructure have become a thing of the past with BitSwarm as no costs incur when you set up infrastructure in the cloud. Read more Read more
Low migration cost icon

Low migration cost

The BitSwarm team of internationally certified professionals will assist you with the migration to the BitSwarm cloud at a minimal cost. The resources will not be charged for the duration of your migration and you will be able to experience BitSwarm before actually paying anything. Read more Read more
Scalable dynamic and resource rental icon

Scalable and dynamic resource rental

You can rent resources in small chunks and assign them during operation. This brings unprecedented flexibility to your infrastructure as no more downtime and service outages are necessary to scale up and scale out. Read more Read more
Investment protection icon

Investment protection

With a fixed and predictable monthly fee, dynamic usage and pay-as-you-go pricing your costs of usage of the BitSwarm cloud are kept at minimum. Read more Read more
Top quality service icon

Top quality service

A Service level agreement (SLA) of 100% uptime, totally redundant infrastructure, technical staff monitoring the service 24/7 and a highly secure environment are the foundation for a service of the highest quality. Read more Read more
No vendor lock-in icon

No vendor lock-in

If you, for whatever reason, decide to migrate away from BitSwarm we guarantee you that we will provide you with the cloud machines you created in our cloud in a format that can be easily imported to all major virtual infrastructure software providers. Read more Read more

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