About the BitSwarm cloud and the company behind it

The BitSwarm team

BitSwarm is a trademark owned by the company named ITARS LLC. The company was formed in 2009 with the vision to offer IT services to various companies, but it quickly became clear that the ambition of the founding members would go beyond that.

The founders were computer science enthusiasts who shared a passion for new technology and enjoyed searching for and developing solutions from which businesses could benefit. They have worked on different projects in different companies where they gained an exhaustive insight into how the IT functions and where are its drawbacks and problems. The common problems they saw in the traditional IT environments brought them together to form the ITARS company and soon after the idea of the BitSwarm cloud fully crystallized. Their expertise enabled them to quickly set up a testing cloud environment and as they brought the first customers in, the idea seemed even more feasible so in early 2010 they have implemented a production ready environment. The steady growth of the cloud and positive feedback that they got from their customers encouraged them to go on the set path and to become more ambitious about the future.

Nowadays, the cloud is constantly under heavy development and optimization yet great emphasis is put on stability over bleeding edge technologies. Nevertheless, the goal is to deliver the best possible service at the best possible price.

For any additional information, questions and possible ways of how you can benefit from the BitSwarm cloud please contact us.

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