BitSwarm cloud feature highlight


Fully redundant, secure, enterprise grade infrastructure

BitSwarm physical infrastructure is fully redundant in every aspect – servers, storage, networking, Internet connectivity, power supply and cooling are all at least duplicated. Everything is safely stored in a professional fireproof data center with technical and security staff present on site 24/7.

Full range service

BitSwarm cloud is not only infrastructure but it also offers all the support necessary for all the benefits of the cloud to come in to full effect:

  • IT engineering – A team of internationally certified IT professionals is available to help you solve all scenarios.
  • System integration – Our engineers help you integrate the cloud with your existing infrastructure.

Flexible usage

The customer can rent more or less resources at any time at will. The cloud always has more capacity than currently rented so getting additional resources is a mouse click away. The billing is per hour so practically no money goes to waste if you decide to use less so you only pay what you reserved. The resources can be rented in steps of Infrastructure units so you can always rent only as much as you need and you are not confined to predefined sizes of cloud servers.

Guaranteed resources

The resources rented are reserved for your use, so the amount of resources, you rent is always available – there is no over-subscription of resources in the cloud and the overuse of resources by others in the cloud will not affect you. Also the unused resources of the cloud (not used and not reserved by anyone) are pooled across all the clients in the cloud and delivered as needed – best effort.

Highest service level

With a service level agreement (SLA) of 100%, a fully redundant infrastructure and support center available 24/7/365 we aim at a service with no downtime.

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