Dynamically scalable elastic cloud resources

dynamic resources

Flexible resource rental

In a typical IaaS cloud the main resources are processing (compute) power, memory, storage and data transfer. In the BitSwarm cloud these resources can be rented in infrastructure units. From these units customized cloud machines are then created by the client. Unlike other providers BitSwarm does not offer predefined cloud machine hardware templates with fixed resources assigned but instead the customer is free to create as many cloud machines with as many assigned resources as needed. Read here for more information.

Live resource assignment

When need for a greater amount of resources arises, these can be rented instantly and then assigned to the cloud machines while they are running. Upscaling is therefore a live assignment with no downtime. The same applies to downscaling or taking away of resources from cloud machines. The freed resources can then be either released so the cost saving is immediate or reassigned to another cloud machine to increase usage efficiency.

Billing by hour

Resources can be rented (reserved) and released at any time and per-hour billing applies. The price with this model is very flexible with very little to no overhead (renting of unused resources) guaranteeing a minimal final cost.

Key benefits

The above described model brings key benefits that all help in reducing the final cost of the service:

  • The resources can be rented when needed and released when not needed thus ensuring a minimum overhead.
  • The resources can be dynamically reassigned which maximizes efficiency of consumption of rented resources.
  • The resources can be assigned to a live, running system which brings scalability without downtime.

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