Integrated cloud backup

Backing up data is one of the crucial segments in IT and as such should always be addressed appropriately. A wide variety of solutions exist in today's environments but almost all of them require extensive configuration and testing until they can be considered reliable. For this purpose we have prepared a backup solution with the following characteristics:

  • It is integrated into the BitSwarm cloud.
  • It requires minimum configuration and is simple to understand.
  • It is safe and reliable.
  • It is offered at a low cost and is priced dynamically so that you only pay for what you use with no initial investment. See pricing for more details.

Service description

The BitSwarm cloud backup is part of the cloud's core architecture and is available as a system service. The client just configures what and when to backup with the option to be notified when the backup is done. Either entire clodu machines or just individual storage volumes can be backed up. When a backup is done first the snapshot of the cloud machine or storage volume is taken so that the data is consistent. Afterwards a full block level backup of the snapshot is performed. This also means that encrypted data can be transparently backed up, but comes with the drawback that free space is also backed up as there is no way to tell what part of a storage volume is used and what is free.


Two parameters are important when considering backups:

  • Frequency – how often a backup is done – this can be daily, once every couple of days (can be specified), weekly, monthly, etc. The time in a day at which the backup is done can also be customized.
  • Retention – how long will the backup be kept in the system. This can vary from one hour up to five years.

The backup policy (frequency + retention) can be arbitrarily specified by the client. The export (download) of the created backups is also available and can be customized to the client's needs so support for third party solutions and client's own backup policy (i.e. own tape backup) is available. The exported backups are available in the open virtualization format (OVF).

Safety and reliability

The backups are stored on a secondary storage and in a different physical location than the cloud machine is located so chances of losing the backup are minimal. We use industry proven tools to backup data and occasionally try a random restore to make sure the system works seamlessly.

Other options

Sometimes the block level backup does not suffice and other solutions are needed like, for example, continuous data protection (CDP). BitSwarm does not provide the infrastructure for that but custom or third party solutions can easily be used like in traditional environments. Additionally, we can help you set up a customized infrastructure for your needs – contact us.

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