Top quality data center



With a primary location within European union, excellent links towards central and western Europe as well as eastern Europe BitSwarm is an ideal location for services that just target certain parts or Europe as a whole. The maximum delay that you can encounter within this region is 35ms with little to no jitter. Superior quality data transfer with link delays of only up to 85 ms can also be guaranteed to the entire Northern America. Guaranteed bandwidth and delay can so be offered to the majority of the Internet market.


A high level of security is maintained with:

  • 24/7 on site physical security guards
  • access card identity verification
  • physical identity verification
  • zoned access
  • CCTV and physical alarm systems

Disaster mitigation

The data center is a state-of-the-art designed building with disaster protection techniques such as:

  • anti-seismic building
  • anti-flood protection with an elevated position of server rooms
  • fire protection by zoning and by using inert gases

Power supply and cooling

Constant power supply is guaranteed by:

  • multiple paths to the national electrical grid
  • advanced UPS power supply in case of the primary power supply failure
  • diesel powered generators

Server room temperature is kept constant using:

  • a redundant cooling system built into the floor
  • cold aisle and hot aisle room space separation to obtain a constant air flow

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