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Get started Cloud computing has been around for quite a while now and many enterprises around the world have already experienced its advantages. Whether you do not know anything about it or you have heard of or experienced the cloud already, this is the right place for you. Please review the profiles below and select the one, that best fits you to see how you can benefit from our offering.

Alternatively, you can review these use cases to get an idea of how your scenario could benefit:

If you cannot find yourself in any of the above profiles and none of the scenarios above suits you then do not hesitate to contact us. If you do not have enough information about the topics discussed we recommend you to read more about the cloud in general, the IT services we offer or contact us if you have any specific questions.

IT manager

As an IT manager you bear great responsibilities in the enterprise because your decisions have an impact on the way the company does business. As such you need reliable partners when it comes to IT services, reliable systems when it comes to infrastructure and experts with broad knowledge when you are looking for advice. We can provide you with all this. Read more for details.

Small or medium business owner

Running your company effectively is one of the most important things in your work. The performance/cost ratio must always be maximized including when it comes to IT. We at BitSwarm can help you optimize everything your IT needs – planning, designing, implementing and maintaining your server and network infrastructure. Read more for details.

System engineer

Let us take care of the hardware and leave only the best part of the job to you. You always get full root/Administrator access to the virtual servers we offer so everything can be customized at will. But even if taking care of servers is an exciting job still when something goes wrong the burden put on the sysadmin can be enormous and we know it. We can offer you extensive support when it comes to such situations so in the end the job will always be completed successfully. Read more for details.

Software developer

If creating application design, writing code or designing the database is your job then you certainly know that there is a point when you need the IT guy. Whether it is a testing, staging, production or any other customized environment the IT guy has to set it up for you. Well, we can be your IT guy and set up all the environments you require – everything from the ground up: servers, operating systems, web server software, application server software, database management systems, etc. You name it. We have been doing this for quite a while so we know how to take care of it. Read more for details.

Service provider

When providing custom content to your users BitSwarm is an ideal platform on which you can base your service. Custom software as a service (SaaS), custom made applications, web site hosting are all examples of such services and BitSwarm can offer you the infrastructure, support and scalability to meet your the demands and those of your customers. Read more for details.

Mixed public/private cloud solution for the enterprise

The enterprise environment has always been the most cautious and reluctant to move on to new technologies. The cloud is no exception and security, stability and price are the biggest concerns that normally arise. We at BitSwarm have already set up, managed and maintained many private clouds before we went on to create our own so we know when it is time for a company to use or migrate to the cloud and to what extent. Besides infrastructure we also offer consulting, project execution and management, support and much more. Read more for details.

Small to medium business network

The cloud has a great potential for the SMB as the service level normally found in such companies can be heightened while maintaining a low and predictable cost. A company's entire IT can be outsourced. Read more for details.

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