The benefits of the BitSwarm cloud for IT experts

As an IT expert you are in charge of planing, deploying, configuring and managing servers and the majority of software present on them. The core of our team has also been doing this for many years so when we started offering our cloud offering one of the segments we focused on was definitely how to ease the job of a sysadmin. We have prepared a complete solution that covers everything you can find in today's computer networks:

System administrators

If you work as a sysadmin for a company or you are a subcontractor/freelancer, the BitSwarm cloud is an ideal solution for you:

  • No more hardware issues – all the hardware is transparent to the infrastructure you use and in case of a failure of a component the failed component is promptly replaced by our 24/7 support crew.
  • Less planning, more flexibility – our cloud allows you for fine grained upgrades and downgrades of your infrastructure without interruptions. That helps you minimize prior planning but increases agility in your work.
  • Complete control over the load of your infrastructure including detailed graphs of a vast number of parameters and the possibility of e-mail or SMS alerting in case of undesired values of those parameters. Root/Administrator accesses to your servers by using a remote console can, of course, be taken for granted.
  • A team of experts is available to help you solve issues or to offload projects or other issues to them that you may be unable to handle.
  • The possibility to resell our infrastructure to your customers and get a massive rebate.

Also take a look at other features of BitSwarm and do not hesitate to contact us if having any questions.

Programmers and solution implementers

If you are developing custom server software or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions the BitSwarm cloud can offer you a great framework to base your product on. Our will satisfy all hardware or low-level software necessities whereas our team of IT professionals can be hired as your sysadmins. Other major benefits include:

  • Complete infrastructure solution – everything from computing, storage and networking to staff for its management
  • Reliable basis for your own solutions – 24/7 support that actively monitors and repairs the infrastructure in case of failures offering you a 100% SLA.
  • Increased cost effectiveness by offering you a low cost but high quality infrastructure, flexible and dynamic rental model, discounts for larger volume or longer term contracts and flexibility in payment options.

Additionally take a look at other features and in case of further questions or a need for custom scenarios do not hesitate to contact us.

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