The benefits of the BitSwarm cloud for IT managers

IT management encompasses a broad scope of challenges – from how to connect IT with the strategic priorities of the organization to how to comply with standards and manage risk. With all of the technology issues in between and the ubiquitous necessity for cost effectiveness the IT manager is often put in a difficult position.

Capital expenses vs. operational expenses

In today's economy the budgets for capital expenses (capex) tighten and IT departments face a growing difficulty of investing into new technology and solutions. More and more of the capital for investments has to come from operational expenses (opex) but as the budged for it is at best constant, the innovation of the organization's IT and thus one of it's potential competitive advantages, is marginalized and can bring long term negative effects for the entire organization.
BitSwarm cloud enables you to minimize capex by not requiring any capital investment and by allowing you to rent resources instead of purchasing expensive hardware. Management of hardware and low level networking (such as network switches) becomes obsolete as the BitSwarm's 24/7 support service takes care of it all. Additionally, your infrastructure is always optimally loaded and the cost is always kept at minimum with the BitSwarm's guaranteed resources, dynamic scaling and live resource allocation.

Dedicated and flexible IT professionals

Our team of experts can help you in a wide variety of situations: cloud migration, cloud management, hybrid hosting, etc. We can also prepare you a support plan that suits your needs. For more details please contact us.

The service level agreement of 100% uptime is a excellent warranty for a maximum efficiency service but for a harmonic relationship between the client and the provider is not enough. Professionals in our team have been previously employed in situations where they were the client so they perfectly understand what issues arise and how to overcome them. As such we are committed towards complete customer satisfaction and not only adhering to the SLA by building a partnership relationship.

Investment protection

The biggest concern with cloud adoption is normally vendor lock-in. We at BitSwarm are totally aware of that and have so provided our customers not only with a platform built on widely available technology but also with opt-out possibilities that are unique in the market. The vendor lock-in protection article describes this more in detail.

The BitSwarm cloud is build on durable and reliable infrastructure and is operating system agnostic – you can choose among a wide variety of operation systems and other software. The licenses for all the operating systems and additional software can also be rented so no investment is necessary. Security is a priority for us and with a secure data center, multiple layers of security and constant monitoring of the cloud ensures data protection and integrity.

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