The benefits of the BitSwarm cloud for small to medium business owners

As the owner and manager of your business you certainly realize the importance of IT for your business. The cost of IT in small organizations tends to be unpredictable and relatively high due to variation in IT staff and equipment needs. Additionally expenditures for new hardware can become a heavy burden in today's unpredictable economy as they not only present capital investment but also needless spending if revenue (and thus necessity for computer resources) lowers. Here we present the major benefits the BitSwarm cloud can bring to a small to medium business enterprise such as yours.

IT as a Service or your outsourced IT department

BitSwarm cloud is a solution that encompasses cloud computing infrastructure and IT services. Together they provide the answer to IT challenges present in today's organizations. Computer resources can be rented in the cloud on an as needed basis guaranteeing an optimal price/performance ratio. Professional and skilled IT experts can be hired for your IT projects or for ongoing activity by signing a contract, delivering you high value services at competitive and predictable prices.

No IT resource planning needed

IT resource planning in the traditional IT environment is a hardly predictable, costly but necessary process. BitSwarm brings your IT to a new level by allowing you to minimize the need for planning by allowing you to dynamically rent infrastructure, knowledge and operations for your IT.

Control over the cost and usage

All the prices in the BitSwarm cloud are agreed upon in advance so for you the cost of running and growing your organization's IT is totally predictable. The fine grained usage statistics of your infrastructure allow you to optimize the rented amount of resources to just the necessary thus eliminating any needless expenditures for IT and helping you optimize your organization's cash flow.

Guaranteed, safe and reliable services

The BitSwarm cloud offers, in contrast to the many other providers, guaranteed resources. Security is a high priority for us and we try to ensure the best in every aspect – from the data center to the infrastructure and beyond. Our 24/7 support service and proactive monitoring enables us to offer a 100 percent uptime service level agreement but we also offer services like backup and customer alerts to meet customer expectations. We are also one of the few providers on the market that addresses one of the biggest concerns of the cloud: vendor lock-in.

Experts within reach

Customized, customer oriented contracts bring our IT services closer to the client as we are flexible to negotiate customer's own conditions for the IT services – things like guaranteed response time, staff capacity and deadlines can all be part of a contract and the agreement. We always try to first understand the client's demands and then not only to reach them but to exceed them.

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