Service costs in the BitSwarm cloud

Below we present the detailed pricing of the services we offer. For service descriptions please take a look at services. All the prices here are base prices meaning that no discount has been applied. Additionally, take a look at the example plans or use our price calculator for a quick price overview.

Please note that allthe prices are in Euro (€). If you are more familiar with another currency contact us.

Compute resources


Service Price per hour Estimated cost per month
Infrastructure unit 0.01 € 7.3 €
Storage unit 0.00137 € 1 €
Backup storage unit 0.0003425 € 0.25 €
IPv4 address N/A 2 €
IPv6 /56 address class N/A 2 €
IPv6 more than /56 class N/A Contact us

Network bandwidth

The network bandwidth is charged by GB (gigabyte) of transferred data out. The first 10 GB per month per IU are free. For more information please see the chapter that describes network bandwidth.

External data transferred out in a month Price per GB
Data transfer included in the IUs 0.00 €
Next 1 TB of transferred data 0.07 €
Next 2 TB of transferred data 0.05 €
Next 5 TB of transferred data 0.03 €
Next 10 TB of transferred data 0.02 €
Greater than the transfer included in the IUs + 18 TB Contact us as we recommend a model of committed + burstable bandwidth

IT services

Prices of the IT services offered in the BitSwarm cloud are primarily based on the following parameters:

  • Type of contract the client has with the provider (BitSwarm).
  • Type of services that the client needs - eg. simple technical tasks, engineeering work, consulting, etc.
  • The amount of services (work) requested.
  • The service level (completition time) for the services requested.

There may be some other factors that may influence the final price so the best option is to request a quote.

Cloud integrated services

Microsoft licenses

Pricing of the Microsoft licenses for operating systems. Take a look at the list of available operating systems to see which versions of Windows are available. For prices for other products please us.

Price per month
Price per infrastructure unit 1 €

Backup data transfer

The backup data transfer is the pricing of the frequency ot the BitSwarm cloud integrated backup.

Price per GB
Backup data transfer per GB 0.01 €

Monitoring and alerting

Service Price per month Price of SMS messages
Business MA 0.00 € Not available
Enterprise MA 3.00 € per cloud machine 0.1 € per SMS

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