Billing and payment options available for the BitSwarm cloud

Payment options

We are currently offering three way of paying for the services we offer:

  • PayPal – This has lately become the Internet's standard way of money transfer. The method is safe and reliable so we fully support it. For more information on how you can pay by using it please refer to their website.
  • Credit card – We currently support MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
  • Pro forma invoice – We offer this way of payment to all of our customers. The procedure of payment is the following:

    1. You order what you would like to have
    2. We issue you a pro forma invoice which is a formal document that includes a list of items you ordered, the price and the details to make the bank transfer.
    3. You make the transfer the money to our bank account.
    4. We acknowledge the transfer and assign the ordered resources to you

    Please note, that this method can incur a significant time delay between your ordering time and the actual time you get the resources due to bank transfer delays.

If none the above payment methods suites you please let us know your wishes and we will se what we can do to resolve the situation.


The billing model for services offered in the BitSwarm cloud can be basically decomposed in to two concepts:

  • Account balance
  • Account replenishment

Account balance

Every customer of the BitSwarm cloud has an account and the account can either be:

  • Positive – This means that you have paid more money to us than you have used resources
  • Zero – You have paid exactly what you have used
  • Negative – You have used more resources than you have paid for

The account balance can be increased by account replenishment and decreased by cloud resource usage.

Account replenishment

You can replenish your account (increase the account balance) by transferring funds (money) to our bank account by one of the payment options. Your account balance will then automatically increase.

Payment by Credit card

When paying by credit card you can either have positive, zero or negative balance up to 1000€ (unless a contract states differently). At the end of the billing period (usually end of the calendar month if not agreed differently) BitSwarm will deduce the amount equal to the negative account balance. This way you can actually consume resources before actually paying for them.

Payment by PayPal or Pro forma invoice

By using these payment methods you are not allowed to have negative account balance unless a customized contract is signed by you and BitSwarm. This way it basically work so that you replenish the account (transfer funds to our bank account) and then consume the positive account balance by utilizing cloud resources until the account balance reaches zero. We will however automatically notify you about the decreasing account balance at any level you specify.

For further information about billing do not hesitate to contact us.

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