The BitSwarm cloud services

cloud computing

The BitSwarm's IT as a Service service model is an integrated solution for any business that employs IT in its business. It encompasses computer resource rental as well as human resource hiring to bring the customer a complete solution.

Computer resources

Resources such as compute power, storage and communications is the basis of any IT system. In the BitSwarm cloud, such resources can be dynamically rented as a service. The rental model is very flexible and scalable.

Complementary services such as monitoring the utilization level, alerting of utilization level, data security and software licenses are already integrated in to the cloud.

IT professionals

BitSwarm's team of IT professionals is at your disposal. We offer a wide variety of services in the cloud and can help you with:

  • Cloud management
  • Application maintenance
  • A support service for your own Software-as-a-service solutions offering you a “behind the scenes” support and infrastructure
  • Custom project planning and execution
  • High availability scenarios
  • High load infrastructure and scalability issues

For any custom proposals do not hesitate to contact us.

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