Additional services in the BitSwarm cloud

Apart from the infrastructure (Iaas) and IT services the BitSwarm includes some other services which you may find useful. These include:

Microsoft licensing

Almost all commercial software today has restrictions of use and usually requires a license to be used. The majority of the licensing policies though are not compatible with the flexibility that is offered by the BitSwarm cloud as they normally have to be purchased instead of rented. For this purpose we at BitSwarm have decided to offer the licenses for the majority of the products of one of the most renown software vendor – Microsoft.

We have an agreement with the vendor so that we can offer licenses in almost the same fashion as we offer our cloud resources. The sole difference is that we bill for the licenses by month and not by hour. For details about pricing for the Microsoft operating systems please see the details about license pricing. Note that we are required to charge for all the Microsoft operating system usage unless you provide your own license or use an evaluation license. For further information about licensing terms and conditions refer to the licensing agreement, for other software that is available through this program please contact us.

DNS zone hosting

DNS is a ubiquitous service today and the vast majority of networks depend on it. As such we have prepared a fully redundant, highly available DNS server infrastructure where you can host DNS zones for your domains. The various servers available are all multiple clusters of machines with IP addresses in different IP subnets. The editing of your zones is available without our intervention and the refresh time for changes is just one minute. For the majority of customers the DNS services are free but if you need a lot of zones (if you provide website hosting, for example) or a lot of queries, visit the billing information site or contact us directly.

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