Cloud management

Cloud management

Nowadays trends and market constraints dictate optimization of the traditional IT services in the enterprise. The IT departments face budget contractions and so have to adapt to offer the same level of service at a lower price. The cloud is a solution for such changes so additionally to servers, storage and networking infrastructure we at BitSwarm also offer a something known as IT as a Service. The concept states that not only hardware resources but also the IT professionals can be rented as a service when necessity arises. Here we present three different base scenarios for BitSwarm cloud management.

Basic on demand cloud management

Basic cloud management comes with every support option in the BitSwarm cloud. IT services can be ordered in these steps:

  1. Contact BitSwarm support with the specification of the project/task you would like to hire our team for.
  2. If your specification would be sufficient go to 4. If not we will respond with a request for additional information.
  3. You clarify the specification.
  4. We make a sales quote with the specification of the service. There are two time frames that come with the quote.
    • Estimated time of delivery
    • Guaranteed time of delivery
    The offer comes in the form of a pro forma invoice.
  5. The invoice is settled by the client in advance.
  6. The project/task is executed according to specification by the BitSwarm team.

The time in which the service will be delivered is set in the sales quote supplied by us. At that time it is a binding agreement but before that no guarantee is offered for what it could be. This means that if you would need a project to be done in short time there is no guarantee we could actually offer you that as our services in the basic support contract are offered best-effort. If you need a guaranteed response time you should be opting for extended support explained below.

Extended management of cloud infrastructure

The extended management is intended to ba a comprehensive solution for outsourcing the enterprise IT and is generally a complement to the enterprise support. It's guaranteed response time, guaranteed priority with requests and an extended warranty of our services makes it an ideal solution for existing IT departments that manage your existing infrastructure. The BitSwarm's IT professionals can supplement your team with knowledge in the areas your team may not be so competent, advise you about new scenarios that are possible in the cloud and complement your team in cases of staff overload.
Additionally to the basic management the extended management also includes the following:

  • Support available via 24/7 phone number.
  • Request a task/project specification and obtain a price quote within a predefined guaranteed time frame. This can range from 1 hour to 1 working day.
  • Priority execution of requested (and confirmed) tasks/projects with lower time estimates and guarantees.
  • Invoice settling in predefined periods.
  • Additionally customized contracts can be made to suit the client's needs – contact us.

Complete managed environment

When your organization lacks the skills to manage environments like the cloud or it lacks the IT staff at all, you can outsource your IT to us. We offer customizable contracts that suit your needs and that cover everything you need. Some of the features of complete management are:

  • Proactive monitoring and critical situation solving.
  • Engineering support available via 24/7 phone number.
  • Customized scenarios.

For a complete solution for your IT please contact us.

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