Migration to the BitSwarm cloud

migration to the cloud

Migration to the cloud can be a tedious and costly process and as such should be addresses promptly. Our experience with migration projects is extensive and ranges from small company networks with just a couple of servers to processor intensive application clusters to large complex enterprise networks. The services we offer in this context are extensive planning and preparation, detailed design and accurate execution.

Planning and preparation

With regard to the existing infrastructure we prepare an elaborate plan of the migration. The following chapters present highlights of a general plan.

Resources needed to supplement those in the existing environment

Computer resources in traditional environments are normally underused due to the traditional model's ineffective use of resources. The cloud computing model eliminates this inefficiency by allowing dynamic and elastic resource rental. With this in mind the reserved resources in the cloud are normally less than in the current environment but still sufficient to accommodate the same load and capacity.

Setup scenario of the resources

When a client requests assistance with the migration the BitSwarm team will always reserve more resources then it has calculated the client's scenario would need. This is done to protect against any miscalculations, misinterpreted client requests or unspecified parameters. The overhead capacity will be available during migration at no cost – when the migration is accomplished the real amount of resources will be calculated and the client will only be charged for that.

Cost effectiveness of the solution – feasibility study

Every migration is worthless if is not feasible. The deliverables of the cloud migration should be at least some of the following:

  • a lower TCO
  • improved stability
  • improved scalability
  • improved availability
  • improved security

We carefully evaluate each deliverable and present the results to the client so she can decide whether it would be reasonable to the migrate or not. If the TCO is the issue we also adapt the price to include special bonuses or promotions.

Migration plan

When the client decides to migrate a detailed migration plan is prepared. Every step is carefully evaluated and tested (if possible) in the testing environment set up specifically for the process of migration.

Potential growth scenario, cost effectiveness and scalability

At the end of the planning phase a calculation for a realistic growth scenario is done. With this data the client knows exactly how much growth would cost as BitSwarm guarantees for prices and can so easily predict and reserve funds in the future.

Detailed design

The design of the cloud infrastructure is a key component of the migration process. The BitSwarm team is composed of skilled individuals with years of experience in larger network setups especially with virtualized environments which are similar to the cloud. For the last few years the team has been extensively engaged in the cloud migration and has already successfully accomplished many migrations.
The design mainly focuses on infrastructure, its optimization and scalability.


The execution of the migration is carried out with tight cooperation with the client. We make sure that no detail is overlooked and that everything is implemented according to the plan. The migration is always done step-by-step in increments – test, execute, verify.

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