Hybrid hosting

hybrid hosting

In the world of IT we are currently seeing a trend of mindset change from the traditional environment with dedicated physical servers to a hosted (rented) cloud infrastructure. The physical servers were owned by the end user whereas the cloud's underlaying hardware is owned by the provider, abstracted to resources and then hired by the client. There are many benefits of such a solution but sometimes need for a mixed or hybrid environment arises. We here present two such situations and the solutions we offer to address them.

Existing physical infrastructure

The vast majority of today's organizations own at least some server and networking hardware. As such investment has already been accomplished, companies tend not to migrate to the cloud at once but they rather opt for a gradual adoption. The first candidates for migration are normally publicly accessible servers and services that need to scale over the limit imposed by the current company's hardware.
In this context BitSwarm's team of professionals can help clients set up such an environment integrating it either with client's existing co-located hardware or offering co-location facilities.

Integration with the existing environment

Networks which are physically located on the customer premises can easily and securely be connected to the client's security zone in the BitSwarm cloud. Whether it is headquarters, branch offices or custom built/co-located server rooms BitSwarm team advises clients on the cheapest and most secure way to integrate the existing environment with the cloud. Describe us your own needs and we will prepare a solution.

Migrating existing physical infrastructure to BitSwarm co-location

If the client would like to integrate its existing infrastructure with the BitSwarm cloud more tightly we offer the possibility to co-locate the client's servers and networking equipment in our own facilities. We can also set up and maintain all the hardware and low level software both tightly integrated with the cloud. Contact us for more information on how this can be done and how much is it going to cost.

Specialized solutions

If your business requires custom made hardware or custom components that we currently do not offer, like for example GPUs, or you have other requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.

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